There are plethora of laws underlining various rules and regulations to be followed by business entities as may be applicable to them. To keep up with the ever-changing business environment posing various challenges for the entities and the stakeholders, these legislations are on constant updation to protect the interest of both the parties and society at large. The way laws have been amended in the past few years has made all the more imperative to call for experts of the field who can invest their knowledge and time to analyze their implications and to keep track of the new updates. The classic example of the major overhaul of the time is new Companies Act 2013 and Listing obligations and disclosure regulations, impetus of which is to establish a better corporate governance practices.
But the first major impediment before the entities in complying with the laws is to decipher their applicability and then the compliance thereof in letter and spirit.
Every business transaction has its legal implication, may it be a day to day business events or major restructuring activity.
We have the team with the in-depth and in hand experience in advising and assisting clients abiding with the applicable laws after comprehensive analyses of implications of even the smallest of the transaction.
Here are the broad line of comprehensive services we are specialized in:
OUR USP "Establishing both event based and periodical exhaustive Compliance Management System covering Company Law and other corporate laws."
  1. Company Law
    • Board Meetings
    • Annual/Extra Ordinary General Meetings
    • Maintenance of statutory records
    • Drafting of Minutes
    • Filing of statutory forms/Reports
    • Drafting of Annual Report
    • Drafting of Policies
  2. SEBI
    • Reporting under Takeover and Insider Trading Regulations
    • Listing Compliances
  3. FEMA & RBI
    • Foreign Direct Investment Compliance Services
    • Non-Banking Financial Company-License and Compliance Services
  4. OTHER CORPORATE LAWS as may be applicable
We provide advisory and detailed assistance in Issuance and Listing of new and further capital.
  1. Initial/ Follow on Public Issue, Rights and Bonus Issue
  2. Qualified Institutional Placements and Preferential Allotment
  3. Open Offers, Buy Back and Delisting
  4. FCCBs/ADRs/GDRs
  5. Direct Listing
  6. SME Listing
  7. Institutional Trading Platform (ITP)
Mergers and Amalgamation
Organizational restructuring can be quite complex, with lots of activity occurring at the same time. Focus line is on providing customized services to meet unique needs of the clients within the periphery of regulatory framework.
Scope of services:
  • Deal structuring
  • Facilitating Negotiations
  • Legal & Compliance Due Diligence
  • Valuation
  • Tax Management
  • Post merger services
Economies of scale of any corporation or any business line when nosedive and the corporation finds its difficult to restructure or get a buyer then it is better to part away with it. But, at times though it may seem all well at the operation level but beneath there is huge mismanagement of the corporation that taking place halting the smooth functioning of the organization, it is then when the court needs to step in. It is more difficult to end the life of company then to bring it into existence.
Depending upon the circumstances, winding up (also known as liquidation) can be:
  • Compulsory winding up
  • Voluntary winding up
  • Exit under amnesty schemes
Our Team of professionals provides thorough assistance in the matters of winding up.
  • Labour Laws
  • Environmental Laws
  • Registration of Trade Marks, Copyrights.
  • Drafting/Vetting Of Various Agreements, MOU, Deeds.
  • Registration Of Society And Trusts
  • Representation before CLB, Consumer Court, Quasi-Judicial Bodies, SEBI, SAT, RBI Tribunal, Department of Foreign Trade, FIPB Board.
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