India is a sought after business destination for foreign business entities. For the Foreign entities, who are eyeing Indian markets and finding ways to establish themselves, we provide a platform where they get an expert advice on their known and unknown needs alike for venturing in India.
What follows is a synopsis on our broad line of services:
(1) Pre Entry
Advisory services and detailed assistance in formation of the kind of business entity to be set up in India. It could be:
Representation office:
  • Branch office
  • Liaison Office
  • Project office
Subsidiary of Foreign Company
Identifying Business Partners
Facilitate purchase of existing Business Unit
Joint Ventures

(2) Post Entry
Rules, regulations and compliances with various applicable laws are a part of external factors regulating the business operations and avertible omission or commission therein may have impending legal consequences. Thus, it is always better and advisable to delegate this critical area of your business environment to the experts of respective fields to have an unobstructed journey of your business operations. This will also help you concentrate only on the core business areas.
We offer you to provide extensive assistance in post incorporation services which inter alia:
a.  Accounting
  • Accounting Set-up and Write-up
  • Preparation of monthly / quarterly financials and MIS
  • Statutory compliances for the withholding taxes and deposition of the same;
  • Payroll processing and management
  • Structuring of the systems and processes in consonance with the group accounting policies and procedures.
b. Corporate & Secretarial
  • Secretarial compliances covering all applicable laws to the business activity.
  • Maintenance of the statutory records as mandated by the law
  • Arranging for the Board and General Meetings.
  • Statutory Certifications
c. Audits & Taxation
  • Statutory & Tax Audits
  • Internal & Management Audits
  • Statutory Compliances & Secretarial Audit
  • Returns of Income Tax, Service tax, TDS
c. Other Services
  • Indian Nominee Directorship Service
  • Registered Office maintenance service for initial period.
  • Recruitment & HR Management
  • Management of Intellectual Property Rights

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